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For kid’s parties, owl you need is
Sweet Isabelle!

Sweet isabelle means
Magic Pleasure and Wonder!

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At home kid’s parties

Our team comes to your place so you can experience
cookie & cupcake decorating in the comfort of your home.

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Choose our ready-to-go concept

A worry-free birthday party package that calls for creativity and multi-sensorial
pleasure, it’s what we offer at our Montreal location.

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Our kid's Party packages

Cookie Decorating
Party 4 to 104

atelier de décoration de biscuits

Cookie Drawing Party
4 to 104 

atelier dessin sur biscuits

Decorating Party
4 +

atelier de décoration de cupcakes

Decorating Party
12 +

forfait décoration de cupcakes

Fondant Figurine
14 +

forfait confection figurine

Chocolate Workshop
(coming soon)

forfait atelier chocolat

Office Party

atelier à votre bureau

School and Daycare Workshop

atelier école

Culinary Day Camp

camps de jour


We do not use any nuts, almonds or peanuts in the making of our products. More infos here.

Ready-to-go package

Choose our "all-inclusive" concept and no hidden fees; no need to buy cakes, drinks or gift bags! Bring your kids and we take care of everything else! 

Fun guaranteed!

Since 7 years, more than 25 000 artists, small and big, have been totally conquered and charmed by our decoration activities. See for yourself!


All the children (even the big ones) who participate  decorating activity with Sweet Isabelle earn a beautiful diploma!

The Team