Choose a "ready to go" party in the comfort of your house!

*** Kids Party will be back in 2024 ***
P.S. If you need help in the meantime, here is an option to help you host a birthday party at home: Cookie decorating kit

Kid's party animations with Sweet Isabelle's team, it's magical! Choose our "ready-to-go" concept! No need to buy birthday cake! No gift bags to plan (kids go home with their work of art)! No invitation card to create (we provide a template)! No hidden fees!

We bring all the material with us, you only have to bring the kids... and provide the space that will allow them to decorate comfortably (kitchen table), as well as to provide  an oven so that we can cook the cupcakes. If you have a kitchen island, we will use it to pour the cake batter at the beginning of the activity. Decorating cookies and cupcakes, it's an activity full of magic that stimulates creativity and arouses the senses! And, at Sweet Isabelle's, we do not cut corners on quality! Our homemade cupcakes and shortbread cookies are made of pure butter and are created with the best possible ingredients! We only use butter; no oil, no vegetable fat, no artificial flavor, no preservative agent, no powdered sugar. Therefore, our products are not too sweet. And we do not use any nut, almond or peanut in our recipes.

DURATION : 2h30.
  • $39 * per child (minimum of 8 children) + $50 for packing and unpacking the material for transportation needs
  • Travel fees: The first 25 KM that separate the distance from the shop to your home are included in the package. Excess KM is charged at $2 per KM (tx inc.). Calculate for one way only.
  • * plus taxes

Here is the package offered for at home birthday parties:

Cookie decorating activity (4 to 17)

  • We will gladly welcome you around the table, to take pictures and help out at the table while enjoying this special moment that is your child's birthday!
  • The kids will also prepare you a cupcake at the beginning of the workshop. This way, you will be there when it's time to sing "Happy birthday".
  • For children of 4 and 5 years old, it is recommended to have a ratio of one adult per 2 children. 
  • For children of 6 and 7 years old, it is recommended to have a ratio of one adult per 3 children. 

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We recommend that you make your reservation 2 to 4 weeks in advance to make sure you get your ideal date. Last minute reservation can also work out. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.