Decorate like a cake pro!

Have fun handling homemade marshmallow fondant with all of our professional equipments, playing "cake boss" and creating out of the ordinary animal cupcakes! Considering the level of dexterity needed for this workshop, it is reserved for children over 12 years old. This activity can only be done at Sweet Isabelle and requires a minimum of 8  participants.

  • 1 - Choice of 5 cupcake liners, filling and baking of 5 big cupcakes per child. .
  • 2 - Demonstration of cake decorating techniques with all of our professional material. .
  • 3 - Cupcake decoration.
  • 4 - Wrapping the cupcakes to bring home (each kid will leave with a box of 4 big decorated cupcakes).
  • 5 - Set-up of a cupcake platter (decorations and candles) to sing "Happy Birthday". Children themselves bring the cupcakes to the birthday girl or boy! A glass of water or milk is served with the cupcakes. 
  • 6 - Graduation with diplomas
DURATION : 2 h 30
You're over 18 years old and you like this activity? Click here !
  • 5 big cupcakes per person
  • All the decorative material (colored sugars, royal icing, buttercream frosting, etc.)
  • Shortbread cookie bits to enjoy during the activity
  • Glass of milk
  • "Distinguished cupcake decorator" diploma
  • Invitation card template to customize