Draw me a cookie !

Imagine it: Drawing on cookies with edible ink pencils! A festive culinary delight for your kids! And with the making of a pure butter shortbread mosaic with Sweet Isabelle, it's the combination of delight and creativity! 

  • 1 - At the beginning of the workshop, making and cooking one cupcake per child (we use the cupcakes as birthday cake).
  • 2 - Making and cooking a multicolored shortbread mosaic.
  • 3 - Choice of 5 big cookies on stick (covered with white marshmallow fondant) per child.
  • 4 - Presentation of the cookie drawing techniques.
  • 5 - Decoration of 5 cookies.
  • 6 - Wrapping cookies to bring home (each child brings back a bag filled with 5 decorated cookies in cellophane paper)
  • 7 - Assembling the shortbread mosaic in a beautiful box to bring home
  • 8 - Cupcakes set-up (decorations and candles) to sing "Happy Birthday". Children themselves bring the cupcakes to the birthday girl or boy! A glass of water or milk is served with the cupcakes. 
  • 9 - Graduation with diplomas
DURATION : 2 h 30
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  • 5 big cookies on stick (covered with marshmallow fondant) per child.
  • Marshmallow fondants pieces, colored sugar, royal icing, etc. 
  • Shortbread batter sheet to cut
  • Shortbread cookie bits to enjoy during the activity
  • Cupcakes
  • Glass of milk
  • "Distinguished cookie decorator" diploma
  • Invitation card template to customize