I take allergies very seriously, whether it is to nuts, peanuts, almonds or sesame seeds. Therefore, I do not use any of these ingredients in my recipes. We also make sure that absolutely no products containing these ingredients ever come in the stores. We use Barry’s Cocoa Chocolate which is certified to be free of nuts and peanuts. But given the structure of my production, I cannot offer the certification.   

Our cookies do not contain eggs. However, there is a little bit of meringue powder in the royal icing with which some shortbread cookies are decorated. The cookies also contain butter and gluten.

Our cupcakes contain gluten, eggs and dairy products.

I invite you to give my contact details to whoever might have questions about allergies: Isabelle 514 570-8668

You can arrive 10-15 minutes before scheduled time so we can introduce ourselves and so that you can get the opportunity of welcoming your guests. If you are too much in advance, we may be busy cleaning and preparing the space to welcome you (vacuum, etc.).

As you will request the other parents to come back 2h30 after the beginning of the party and as we may have another reservation after your activity, we consider a maximum wait of 10 minutes if we want to have enough time to complete the entire course of the activity. 

If you prefer to wait a bit more, a few options are offered to you:
1. Plan an extension of the party with us (if our schedule allows it) adding one or more 15 minutes blocks (an extra 10$ will be billed for every 15 minutes block added)

2. Decorate 4 cookies instead of 5, this way, we make sure that we stay within the timetable and that everything runs smoothly.

After singing the traditional “happy birthday”, the children eat their cupcakes with a glass of water or milk. We take this opportunity to award them their diplomas. Then, depending on the pace of the birthday, there will be a moment to unwrap the gifts. If you are a big group, that there are a lot of gifts and that you choose to unwrap them at the store, you may need to add 15 minutes to your event (an extra 10$ will be billed for every 15 minutes’ block).

Shoes: When the snow comes, it is important to tell your guests to bring some clean and dry shoes so that everyone can move around safely during the workshop.
We will happily lend you a colorful apron for the activity, so don’t worry about that.

What you need to bring: a happy mood!

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