Animals and plants (flowers, fruits, vegetables) will come to life in your hand with this out of the ordinary activity! 

Equipped with a wide range of specialized equipment for moulding sugar dough, and guided by our experts, your little artists will become real Michelangelo of edible play dough! The birthday girls or boys will be able to choose in advance, within all of our variety of models, the ones that will be used during the activity. Given the high level of dexterity required for this workshop, it is reserved for children over 14 years old.

  • 1- At the beginning of the workshop, each kid will make and bake a cupcake (we use it as the birthday cake).
  • 2- The participants will cut shortbread dough with the cookie-cutter and cook it to create the base of the figurines. 
  • 3- We will demonstrate the basic techniques of moulding the marshmallow paste. 
  • 4- The participants will create the figurines. 
  • 5- Each participant will wrap the figurines to take home (each kid leaves with a box filled with 6 figurines laying on colored squared shaped shortbread) 
  • 6- The participants will prepare the cupcakes decorations and candles to sing "Happy birthday". The kids themselves bring the cupackes to the birthday girl or boy! A glass of milk or water is served with the cupcakes. 
  • 7- Graduation with diplomas
DURATION : 2 h 30
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  • 6 shortbread cookies per person (as a base for the figurines)
  • Many colors of marshmallow fondant 
  • Access to all the professional decoration equipment
  • Marshmallow fondant decoration pieces, colored sugar, royal icing, etc.
  • Shortbread cookie bits to enjoy during the activity
  • Cupcakes
  • Glass of milk
  • "Distinguished cookie decorator" diploma
  • Invitation card template to customize